Aluminium BlindsAluminium Blinds


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to maintain
  • Tough
  • Long Lasting
  • Light Appearance
  • Huge range of colours
  • Smooth gear system

Easy to maintain and extremely light

Aluminium blinds are of course extremely light making them very easy to operate. However lightness doesn’t come at the expense of durability. The Aluminium slats in our blinds are tough and long-lasting.

Aluminium Blinds

If you’re thinking of buying Venetian or vertical blinds then you certainly have a number of options but Aluminium is particularly well-suited to the function, look and operation of these types of blind. Whereas wood is undoubtedly warm and restful, you may find it’s too heavy for your taste.

Wide range of colours

You’re not limited in colour, because we offer a wide range to choose from, allowing you to go for co-ordination or contrast with other features in the room. Even the tapes that support the slats come in a wide range of colours, giving you the ultimate freedom in deciding on the look you want to achieve. The smooth-running gear system ensures an almost soundless operation and you will find that Aluminium is very easy to clean and maintain.

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