A new conservatory is often built to help you enjoy your garden and wonderful views. Choosing woodweave blinds in London helps you to create the perfect natural frame between your windows and nature.  If you are looking for a sunscreen then the woodweave blind is extremely effective.

These are a wonderful option if you value preserving the environment.  The wood which is used in the production of the woodweave blinds have all been sourced from sustainable products.  Not only do they look natural, they make the perfect window dressing for eco-friendly homes.

You can choose from a variety of different woodweave blinds in London.  Some of the most popular materials are bamboo, seagrass, poplar and jute.  All these woods are perfect for the weaving process whether you prefer the tight weave or a loser effect.

One the wood has been woven it is possible to use it in various different styles of blinds.  You could have a woodweave roman blind or even use a woodweave panel blind. The options are endless and all of the woodweave blinds have the wonderful light filtering effect which can transform a room.

Traditionally the woodweave blind has been used in sunrooms since the Victorian era.  Many homes now use them all over the house.  They are light weight and can be used in any room where you want to have a beautiful sunny room without the harshness and heat of the midday sun bearing in through the windows. They have a totally unique way of filtering light as the sun rays pass through the woven wood of the blind.

In recent years the popularity of the woodweave blind has increased once more.  This may be down to the rise in orangeries and conservatories throughout the country.  The natural effect of the woodweave blind suits the sunniest room in the home perfectly.

These blinds are easy to clean and wipe down.  A damp cloth is all that is needed to remove dust from the surface. And there is no need for you to worry about fitting as woodweave blinds in London are able to come and install your entire window and conservatory roof blinds for free.

If you would like to view the woodweave blinds it is possible to visit our showrooms which can be found in London and Essex.  Please contact our excellent customer services on 0800 945 533 to arrange a home visit if you are unable to come to the showrooms in person.