When choosing a bathroom blind it is important to take a few things into consideration.  You need to find the perfect combination between function and design.  There is no point splashing out on window dressings which are not suitable to the atmosphere in the dampest room in the home.  We supply high quality bathroom blinds in London which are able to cope with the bathroom environment perfectly.

Water, Water Everywhere!

Bathroom blinds are designed to cope with all the steam and water that you produce in your bathroom.  Buying blinds which are not able to withstand these unique conditions means that in a short space of time you will be dealing with mildew and mould.  A bathroom blind needs to be able to look good and be easy to wipe down.

Waterproof bathroom blinds are the answer when it comes to the perfect solution to window dressing the smallest rooms in the home.  Light is a great thing to have in the bathroom so it is a great idea to choose a blind which will allow for maximum light to shine through the fabric or slats whilst keeping your privacy.

What type of blind to choose?

Once you have decided to buy a waterproof bathroom blind you will need to select the type of blind will suit your decoration.  Some popular bathroom choices are roller blinds and pleated blinds.  You are not limited to only opting for a waterproof fabric.  Wood and PVC make excellent materials for bathroom blinds.  When properly treated they are able to withstand the heat and steam and last for many years.


Bathroom blinds can be the perfect way to decorate your windows in other parts of the home.  Laundry rooms often have the same problems with heat and condensation and a bathroom blind can function perfectly in this space.  If the material becomes very damp simply give it a wipe down or wait for it to dry.  Thanks to the coating the moisture is unable to penetrate and cause any damage to the material.

We provide a huge choice of bathroom blinds in London and Essex.  If you would like to request a free survey with no obligation to buy our specialist will happily come to your home at a time to suit you.  We appreciate that many individuals are unable to book an appointment during working hours.  We have extended our working hours which mean that we can offer you a free consultation in the evening or at the weekend.

Ideal Home Show 2011

If you are planning on attending the Ideal Home Show at London’s Earl Court March 11-27th 2011 then keep your eyes peeled for our stand.  We can answer any questions; show you samples of our wonderful blinds and book free consultations with out experts.  If you are unable to make the show then simply call 0800 954 5333, and find out more about our collection of bathroom blinds.