Finding the perfect blind for your home can take time.  There are many styles, colours and designs which you need to sift through before you can come to your decision.  One type of blind which does not immediately register in the mind is the pleated blind.

We supply stunning pleated blinds in Essex which will compliment any interior design which you have in your home.  The best thing about the pleated blinds is that they have a very light and delicate effect.  As there are no divisions between the slats the light is perfectly filtered which makes them ideal for when you want to avoid bright rays of light entering the space.  Close the pleated blind and the room will have equal dispersions of light which will not disrupt you when working on the home computer or bounce of the screen when you are watching television.

If you want to be able to completely block out the sun light then pleated blinds can be treated with the blackout coating.  This makes them perfectly suited for bedrooms and nurseries.  The soft pleats are a great alternative to the venetian blinds and roller blinds which are commonly used.

Bespoke Blinds to Give your Home the Perfect Look

Our supply of pleated blinds in Essex can be made to measure.  This means that there is no need for you to start cutting down beautiful blinds in order for them to fit.  Our specialists will come and measure your windows and will come and fit all of your blinds for free.  This is whether you are having just one window dressed using pleated blinds or every room in the house.

The Hardest Part is choosing your Fabric

A pleated blind can come in many different fabrics; the only limits are how bold or how subtle you would like them to be.  You can choose fabric which is plain or which has very attractive delicate designs in light tones of colour.  If you are more adventurous then you can be more bold and daring in the patterns and colours that you select.

You can even have a say in the concertina effect that you would like your blinds to have.  We have both honeycomb and cellular options which are part of the pleated blinds family.

Every home is different, and all tastes vary.  We like to give an excellent array of designs so that all homes and rooms will have the perfectly crafted pleated blind to complete the home.  To discuss our pleated blinds range and any other aspects of our services please contact our experts on 0800 945 533.