Plantation shutters can change the look and atmosphere of any room.  These types of window dressings are commonly used in Europe where the heat of the sun is far too intense at midday.  They are able to shut out the blinding sun to keep the interior of the home at the perfect temperature.

In the UK these plantation shutters are perfect in the summer months, but they have a double usage which makes them a very sensible option.  They are perfect as extra insulation over windows when the weather is cold.  Close the shutters to keep all the warm air inside and stop cold air from coming in through the windows.  This is a good way of cutting down on energy bills and can help reduce your carbon footprint in the home.

We have some amazing designs which will look fantastic in any home.  We sell a variety of different designs for Plantation shutters in Essex.  You can choose to have them so that they open inwards, which is great for allowing you to have access to operate the windows behind.

If you would prefer the plantation shutters to be external then this is possible too.  When you open your windows you can push open the shutters, and if you have sash windows you can keep your privacy by controlling the slats.  These are excellent if you work in the room and need to be able to control the light as it filters through the windows.

If you do not wish to have plantation shutters which can be operated in a similar way to venetian blinds then you could choose from the fixed slatted range.  A Victorian home may like to keep a feeling of authenticity by choosing solid shutter look.  These are excellent for keeping the heat in and the strong summer sun out.

Whichever style you want you can enjoy your home in any weather with these wonderful shutters from plantation shutters in London.  Our experts are waiting to help you and all of our blinds and shutters can be fitted for you.  Our service means there is no need for you to worry about the fitting and measuring. We will ensure your plantation shutters fit perfectly, to find out more contact our experts today.