The kitchen is one area where hygiene is of top most importance.  Curtains are not only very susceptible to damp, they can also be extremely hazardous around ovens and deep fat fryers. The kitchen is a room in which a lot of steam and hot conditions can generate and so it is useful to have a clean and resilient kitchen blind in place.

Kitchen blinds in Essex has a wide range of colours and styles to suit any kitchen.  By using easy to clean materials you can make sure that the blinds are kept hygienically clean and free from germs.  We use aluminium, treated woods and PVC in our range which can be wiped down whenever necessary.  These products are also able to withstand the steam which is produced in the kitchen and will not succumb to mildew and mould unlike traditional curtains.

We do appreciate that you may prefer a more attractive pattern and therefore in our kitchen blind range we offer you this possibility.  To help you achieve the overall finish that you want in your home, we have a collection of waterproof fabrics which can cope with the heat from the room often considered to be the heart of the home.

Kitchens benefit from being light and airy and blinds are a versatile way to achieve an attractive window display.  They are easy to adjust so whether you want privacy when it is dark outside, or to flood the kitchen with the morning sunshine in the morning, just a simple pull on the cord will give you the results you want.

Condensation in kitchens can be a huge problem, and often windows collect a lot of moisture.  Blinds are simply to pull up to allow you to access the glass quickly.  They are resilient to the moisture and designed to be hardwearing and durable as well as being an attractive feature in the room.  These are ideal for kitchens which have an inbuilt conservatory.  You can make sure that all of your blinds can cope with the varied conditions in the room perfectly.

To discuss your options and to find out more about our huge range of Kitchen Blinds you can call us on 0800 954 5333.