Modern styles all about keeping lines smooth, not having too much clutter and panel blinds are able to help you achieve this stylish look perfectly.  Many homes are trying to maintain the minimalist look but often the window dressings can cause some problems. Panel blinds in London is the perfect solution to make sure your windows serve to increase the style of your room.

These are seen as a great alternative to vertical blinds and roller blinds.  They are suitable for both the work place and the home and are considered to have many benefits.  Panel blinds are controlled by a simple sliding mechanism.  You can achieve maximum light by having them fully open.  The panels slide behind one another and allow you to have light flooding into the work space or living area.

Panel blinds are also designed to be very versatile.  You are able to slide them over to one side, have them opened in a similar fashion to curtains having the panels either side of the window.  You also have the choice to have one or two panels situated in the middle of the frame.  In fact you can have them wherever you like which makes them such a great purchase if controlling the light filtration in the space is an important factor.

Update Your Home Décor

There is a wide variety of fabrics that you can use with panel blinds.  If you are hoping to restyle your windows to keep on trend for 2011 then rich purples and textures are proving to be extremely popular.  If this is too strong or risky for your taste one of the complimentary colours which is being used this season are creams and ivories.  These compliment the deep purples perfectly which you could use as an accent colour in your home or office.

With more people deciding to keep their homes rather than selling up home decorating is once again very en vogue. The versatility in the uses and the styles that are available from Panel Blinds in Essex mean that even if your home is more traditional in design the panel blinds will be an excellent way to finish your windows.  They can be used as part of a layered window dressing which incorporates both drapes and panel blinds.

The function of the panel blind makes them the perfect solution for very large windows and conservatories.  You can have the windows wide open and pull the panel blinds over to help retain privacy inside the space.  The panel blinds are fitting by our experts and are made to measure so even the largest windows can be dressed perfectly.  Call our experts on 0800 954 5333 to discover more about our panel blinds.