There are many varieties of blinds in and around London.  The ones you choose depend on the function you require from the window dressings, and also your own personal taste when it comes to their appearance.  With so many choices it can be hard to make a decision.  Here is a guide to some of the stunning and functional blinds in and around London to help you decide which one is more suitable to your requirements.

Conservative Blinds in London

If you have a conservatory then you will need to use blinds for a few reasons:

  • To keep the heat of the sun out during particularly hot days
  • To give you privacy during the night
  • Provide a certain amount of shade

Some of the most commonly used conservatory blinds are the Venetian blinds or for a softer look the pleated blinds.  Although you can use any blind the slated style of the Venetian allows you to control the level of light which is filtered into the room.  It is possible to have the conservatory blinds remote control operated.  This is a practical solution to drawing the roof window shades rather than having to use a step ladder or pole.

Roller Blinds in Any Room

Roller blinds have always been popular types of blinds in and around London.  You can choose to have a plain coloured blind, or choose a specific pattern that can be used to create the blind exactly to your taste.  You could use a photograph, image or scan a fabric into your computer and ask the blind manufacturers to recreate the style for you.

If the roller blinds are going to be used in a bedroom you could choose to have it turned into a blackout blind. These stop the light from penetrating the fabric to ensure the light does not disturb your sleep.  These are perfect for nurseries, if you work in shifts or simply love to sleep during the daytime.   For movie lovers a blackout blind is the ideal choice to make in your living or media room.

Have your Blinds Made to Measure for the Perfect Fit

If you buy blinds from a catalogue or from the high street it can be difficult to get the right size.  This can result in unattractive window dressings, or difficult installations.  To avoid having to cut down your chosen style use All Kinds of Blinds to have the blinds made to measure.  An expert will come and measure the dimensions of your windows and ensure any style of blinds in an around London that you chose fits perfectly.