Having a printed blind may not sound all that extraordinary.  That is until you consider decorating your windows and home with one of the bespoke collection printed blinds in London. Thanks to the advances made in technology it is now easier than ever to produce a one off personal collection for your home.

Get Creative

When decorating it is great to be completely unique and have something in your home which no one else does.  This helps to express your own style, and keeps your home individual. A printed blind can be bought that might not be an original design.  You then may notice that many other people have the same printed blinds as you.  By requesting our printed blind service you can do away with the pattern book and research one of your own patterns that you know no one else will have.

Perhaps you are an artist or have your own artistic flare and would like to create your own pattern to be used on your printed blinds.  This is achievable; all that you will need to do is supply an image, or the original artwork.  We will then deliver this to our team of designers who will be able to use their magic and create your perfect printed blinds for your home.

For something completely different you can even use a photograph and have the image printed onto the blind.  This could be of a loved family shot, or even of a place which is special to you and your family.  This is a fantastic way to create artwork on your walls.  When the printed blind is rolled up you are able to enjoy the view. As the sun goes down simply roll down your printed blinds and see the wonderful images that you chose.

One off Kind Printed Blinds

Once you have decided on the printed blinds you would love to have in your home you can then let us know if you would like the blind to be treated so it acts as a black out blind.  You will still be offered the same services as all of our clients.  Our experts will come and measure the dimensions of the windows you require the printed blinds.  This will ensure that the fit will be perfect, which saves on cutting down the blind and messing about with poles and the operating system.

We will come and fit the blinds efficiently for free, leaving you with your one off printed blinds looking fabulous and working perfectly.  To talk to our expert team please call 0800 954 5333, we will be happy to talk you through the process and book a free consultation and survey at a time to suit you.