When it comes to deciding on the best type of blind for your room there is no doubt that you are completely spoiled for choice.  Not only in which type of blind to choose but also which material is best for the job at hand.  An Aluminium blind is a great choice if you are looking for function, style and sleek design.

When choosing aluminium as your main material you can be sure that it will be durable and able to cope with wear and tear for years to come.  Aluminium blinds are made from very tough material yet you wouldn’t necessarily think so on first impressions.  This is down to the fact that it does not weigh down windows making the dressings look heavier than they really are.  So of you want bright and modern looks in your chosen room then aluminium blinds are definitely the way to go.

No Limitations Just Pure Style

We supply aluminium blinds in London which are suitable for any room in the house.  These are perfect for offices and conservatories especially.  Thanks to our team of expert fitters you can be sure that your brand new aluminium blinds will be installed and working perfectly, eliminating the need for you to get your step ladders out and your tool belt on.

We also make sure that you have plenty of options when selecting the colour you want.  You have the choice of going for vertical blinds or venetian blinds when opting for light aluminium. There are no limitations on colour as we have a huge collection for you to choose from.

You could go for something simple such as white, or decide that you would like a more dramatic effect.  A great idea for aluminium blinds is to select a contrasting colour from the rest of the rooms’ palette.  If you are not feeling quite so dynamic you could always pick a co-ordinating colour.

Gorgeous and Practical

Once you have your aluminium blind from London professionally installed you will see how gorgeous they look and notice how smooth they work.  Using the smooth running system the noise is minimal when it comes time for you to open or close the aluminium blind.  They are also very easy to clean which is a relief as no one wants to spend hours cleaning their blinds.  A simple wipe over with a damp cloth while it is in place will get rid of any dust and leave your blinds looking bright and sparkling clean.

If you would like to find out more about our aluminium blinds call 0800 945 533 to speak to one of our team.  We will happily book an appointment at a time which is suitable for you or we have showrooms for you to visit and see some of our wonderful blinds and awnings in person.