Venetian blinds continue to be an absolute classic way to dress your windows.  These types of blinds are perfect to have in a contemporary space.  The clean lines look sleek and really give the impression of modern design.  The horizontal slats help to give the feeling of elegance and give a great effect of light dispersion in a room.

Often the focus in glamorous Hollywood shots and movies the Venetian blind style is steeped in romance and mystique.  They are ideal to keep out the bright light of the midday sun from your conservatory.  The closing mechanism is smooth and allows you to dictate how far closed you want the slats to be.  You can create some wonderful lighting using these Venetian blinds in London.

We have a huge range of colours to choose from, which will help you to pick the perfect design for your home interior.  Classic white is great in rooms where you want to keep the light and airy feel present at all times of the day.  For bedrooms black and darker tones of colour can create the perfect mood to relax in at the end of a hard day.

Our blinds are custom made for your rooms and home and so you have the luxury of picking out exactly what materials you want to be used in your own Venetian blinds.  We have a wide selection which includes aluminium, untreated wood, painted woods and plastic.  All look fantastic and can be fitted to pick the size of your windows perfectly.

The overall finish is one which evokes cleanliness and is very easy on the eye.  Venetian blinds are practical in the office, you can solve problems involving screen glare from the sun by altering the slats to filter light away from your PC.  You can even choose to flood the space with light by pulling the Venetian blind smoothly upwards to reveal the whole of the window.

We use the Louvolite Perfect fit system which means you are not left with unattractive fittings.  There is no need to get the drill out; the Venetian blinds will fit your windows perfectly.  To find out more about our services and for a free quotation call us on 0800 954 5333.