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Waterproof and robust shutters

This is a window treatment that will not warp, dent or chip and one that will last due to a technology called closed-cell composite which ensures strength and stiffness.

Ideal shutters for bathrooms and wetrooms

Hollywood Shutters are a modern and practical choice for any room in your home, but are particularly suited and effective in bathrooms. Of course firstly they add privacy to the bathroom, so excellent of your bathroom window is visible from the outside. Something most are not aware of is also shutters are great for keeping in the heat of your room. These shutters are ideal for wet and harsh environments like showers and wetrooms.

Main Benefits

  • 100% Waterproof
  • ¬†A robust and hard-wearing shutter
  • ¬†Available in 6 shades of white

Colours available in the Hollywood shutter range

001 Pure White

Pure White


Silk White

004 Bright White

Bright White